Fish farming also known as pisciculture is one of the lucrative ventures that can be tapped into for income generation by an average Nigerian. Based on the high population growth rate and high consumption rate of fresh food, there is always a readily available market for fish farmers.                                                                                                                 Fish farming involves breeding for household and commercial purposes. Fish can serve as a source of income through household consumers, hotels and restaurants, food processing and preservation companies and it could even be an export product.                                                                                                                             Fish pond business is one of those businesses that is not capital intensive and can be started on a small scale, you can choose to grow it to a large scale business with time. It is advisable to start on a small scale so as to learn and gain experience and develop skills gradually.
WATER SOURCE: It is important to have a continuous water supply source, since the main habitat for fish is water. They are expected to live in clean water from time to time to prevent diseases and microbial infection.

HOUSING MEANS: Depending on the business scale, the housing method could range from the use of tanks in the backyard to digging of ponds on acres of land. It is important to have the adequate space provision to avoid overcrowding.
FEEDING: There are different types of foods available for fish farmers depending on your scale of breeding and the qualities of fish you want to achieve. Natural foods like insects and worms are always readily available in the case of ponds but there are food formulas for fishes with available nutrient for every growth stage.

BREEDING: It is advisable to get healthy fingerlings which can be grown and nurtured into maturity.
ADVERTISING: The effect of advertisement for a business venture cannot be over emphasized. It helps to increase customers and turn over. The use of internet can also be engaged for this purpose.

TRAININGS: It is also recommended to attend trainings and seminars to have more knowledge and meet people involved in a similar business line.