Investing in a business is one of the most fulfilling decisions one can take in life. A business gives you the opportunity to be a boss of your own and be in control of your time. Making profits and financial stability is the least of the benefits that comes with running your own business. There is opportunity for you to become a real estate agent if you so desire. This basically has to do with being an intermediary between property owners and people that the properties are being leased or rented to. Being an agent is a viable business in Nigeria and there are so many established business owners in this field. This business is not time consuming and you can even have other things doing alongside. It pays moderately well and does not involve huge capital for start up.
Here are some tips considerable for business starters

TRAININGS: if you are interested in a line of business like this, it is necessary to have an idea of what the business requires and entails. Talk to existing business owners, make researches and enquires about what is needed to start up, if possible undergo some trainings to gain experience in the field.
BUSINESS REGISTRATION AND MEMBERSHIP: businesses like this take business registrations and association membership seriously. It’s important to find out the appropriate licenses and certificates required to start up your business.

LOCATION: getting an outlet is quite necessary for this type of business. You have to make sure people are convinced beyond doubt that you are not a fraud.
GETTING CONTRACTS AND PROPERTIES: you should also be able to have good networking skills, this will enable you get properties and deals that if executed properly will make you good profit.

MARKETING AND ADVERTISING: having the right ways to advertise and market properties you are in care of is also necessary. The ability to market properties online and offline will help a great deal is helping you secure deals and make good money.
Being a real estate agent is a good business especially for people who need alternative income source. You do not require excess capital to start up and you can have other ways of making money by the side.