It is quite obvious that being a makeup artist is one of the lucrative lines of business to venture into lately, it is less stressful and can be established even on a small scale. It takes passion and interest to be a make up artist and it basically doesn't need any technological know how to start this type of business.
Tips essential for being a makeup artist.

Training and researches: it is essential to undergo adequate training and have the right knowledge about skin types and products available in the market, their qualities and how best they can be applicable.

Branding: giving yourself a good brand name that tells people what you do easily is also a strategic move in make up business. Your business name should say something about you and give people an idea of what you do at first thought.

Creativity: it is also essential to be creative and practice very often as the more you try out your skills, the better you get at what you do

Customer relationship: this is a type of business where every customer matters, it is important that every customer is satisfied as referral is one of the easiest ways to expand your brand in this line of business.

Location and establishment: setting up an outlet is also necessary for a business like this even though you can work from home for a period of time. This makes it easier to access and reach you easily and there can also be opportunity for trainings, consultancy, employing of more hands and expanding of the business venture.

Advertising: a key way to create awareness and tell people more about what you do. Showcase your past work and give people different benefits for doing business with you.

Personal hygiene: make up business is a business that involves body contact and artist coming close to customers. It is important to have a good personal hygiene, dress well, use deodorants and mouth wash, it's good to make people comfortable around you.

Other monetary sources: The selling of makeup products and prescription of the right type of products for different skin types is another way of making money in this line of business.