TRIERS: this is the category of people with the positivity attitude. They attempt and try at either new ideas or approaches. They are willing to give it a shot when necessary. They have the right attitude towards encouraging people to give options a trial.

DOERS: This is the category that gets the job done no matter what it takes. They see possibility in all situations and they know that excuses are not acceptable. They are more inclined to solve problems and provide solutions.

CHANCERS: These are the people who take chances. They don’t mind failure, they are willing to take their chances with a new idea or approach. They are risk takers and they are willing to play all their cards towards anything they dim fit.

EMPHATIZERS: This is the category of people that are always willing to help. They have self pity and cannot stand seeing situations in which they can help one way or the other without doing anything. They are always willing to give a helping hand. Surrounding yourself with people like this is beneficial to achieving team goals.

SUPPORTERS: These are the people willing to stand by you. They will be there for you all the way. They are always encouraging and supportive. Willing to listen and give advice if possible, even if they do not have all it takes to be skilfully or managerially helpful.
LAUGHERS: These are the people that bring fun to the table on stressful days. They ease tension and stress. They make the processes less stressful with their sense of humour.
Every of these attitudes and characters perform different roles and functions in ensuring a successful work process. They could be watched out for and managed diligently towards achieving organisation goals.