In Nigeria today, tomatoes is a household name. Almost every tribe and ethnic group consume tomatoes in some ways. This is to say that there is a huge market for tomatoes either as fresh or as a processed product. Tomatoes could be consumed raw, for stews and sauces, for salads and porridges and virtually almost all types of soups. This is to say that tomatoes farming and even processing are never the wrong businesses to invest in. The nutritional benefits of tomatoes also include its source of vitamin C, vitamin E and carotenes. They are also very good anti oxidants and their benefits can never be over emphasized. The good news is that, season in season out, there is always a market for tomatoes.

HEALTH BENEFITS: The health benefits associated with tomatoes are numerous. They serve as a source of many vitamins and minerals. They help enhance vision and digestibility; they reduce high blood pressure and diabetes.  They also help in reducing cholesterol level and helps in preventing various skin diseases.
EASY TO FARM: tomatoes are very easy to cultivate and germinate within a short period of time. Most tomatoes will germinate and survive even in sub standard soil and conditions. Different species thrive in different regions. They mostly need moderate sunshine and evenly distributed watering system.
WIDE ACCEPTABILITY: The fact that tomato is a generally accepted fruit or vegetable makes it easy to market. You can plant and sell tomatoes easily in any part of the country and never have to worry about getting buyers for your produce.
OPPORTUNITY FOR PROCESSING: although tomatoes are highly perishable farm produce and also seasonal ones as a matter of fact. It is well known that tomatoes are good produce to consider for further processing. There is a huge market for processed tomatoes and tomato farming business creates a good platform for the availability of the major raw material needed for this venture.
Tomatoes farming, if done properly and with the right initiative is a sustainable business that can be financially liberating.