The need for organisation and sophistication in events and the need for nice looking ushers to escort guest at events has increased the need for ushering services. With a little capital, you can start up your ushering business and make it big in no time and you could also be an employer of labour and be your own boss. There is also an opportunity to expand your business venture into related fields and ventures for instance; event planning and management can also be combined with ushering business.                                                                       Tips and steps necessary for starting up an ushering business.
Studying your market: the first step in starting an ushering business is evaluating your environment and making sure there is need for your services and that people generally understand what you do and would be willing to patronise you when need be. Being situated in an urban area with not too high competition is a good way to start an ushering business.
Researches and  trainings: having ideas of a business is not enough pre requisite to start a business, you have to make extensive findings about how to manage your business, the staffs acceptable pay and how entrepreneurs who have been in the business before now have been able to sustain the business. You can also undergo trainings and have the right exposure to this line of business before starting yours.

Having your own team: starting an ushering business requires you to have your own team who are readily available, well mannered and well composed. They should have good communication skills and good interpersonal relationship. Having loyal, hardworking and dedicated staff is very important to the progress of the organisation.
Advertising and publicising: one major factor in the advancement of any business venture is advertising and creation of awareness for what you do. Online adverts, blogging etc helps increase the opportunities and extend the scope of your business. Good networking will also go a long way in helping your business.
Ushering business is viable in Nigeria, all you require is a good time and opportunities to market your business.