Vegetables are the most important sources of vitamins and minerals to the body. They are therefore required in massive quantities. The population growth rate in countries such as Nigeria has made available a well established market ready to be tapped into.The highly perishable characteristics of vegetables have placed a major day to day demand on them. It is considered lucrative and not majorly capital intensive as this can be a major income source within a short period of time.                                                                       

ACCESS TO LAND: The most important component for starting a lucrative vegetable farm is the acquisition of the farm land. This is the major challenge faced by residents of urban centers who could be interested in vegetable farming. Access to land with fertile soil aids proper vegetable farming
SOURCE OF GOOD WATER: It is also important to have a consistent source of water supply for high quality fresh products all through the year.

SEASON FARMING: It’s a no brainer that vegetables tend to be cheaper and readily available in the rainy season and otherwise in the dry season. It is therefore more lucrative to plant against the dry season using artificial water source. Highly perishable vegetables tend to be more expensive during the dry season and if strategized farming is made during this period, mega income could be made.

DIRECT MARKET: It is well known that farmers tend to make lesser income from vegetable market compared to the retailers, cutting this branch and finding a way to market your products directly to the final consumers can also improve the income rate of the vegetable farming. This also provides a link from the farm directly to the consumers thereby reducing storage periods, increasing freshness and providing cheaper products. It is also important to consider a farm location closer to the market for high quality farm product.
AWARENESS OF DEMANDS: Farmers need to be acquainted with their locations and understand the species of farm produce that are in high demand. For example, Ugwu leave is obviously going to be more lucrative in the Lagos area of Nigeria due to fact that it is highly consumed within the Yorubas and Igbos compared to the northern part of the country.

MANURE SUPPLY: The use of manure can range from the use of poultry fecal matter to the use of liquid fertilizers which are not capital intensive depending on the type of land used.
SHORT PERIOD TURN OVERS: Vegetable farming is a very lucrative business to venture into because of its short period turnovers. Certain species don’t even take up to 2 months for maturity and harvesting.

It is also a type of business that is not time consuming and if properly laid down can be an alternative income source while other ventures can be considered. Vegetables can also be considered for export if improved processing and preservation methods are established.