A lot of waste is generated in the country year in year out. Many of the waste products which are disposed are good opportunities to make money by converting them into useful products. Most aspiring entrepreneurs do not even consider these opportunities as money making means for them. It’s not all forms of waste that is entirely useless. So many disposed wastes can be converted to other useful products which can be used to generate income beyond ones anticipation. Waste could be domestic, commercial or industrial. While this form of business may not be the most popular business out there, it has made some smart business owners financially stable over time.

PET BOTTLES TO POLYESTER: plastics and pet bottles are very common waste people dispose off easily after consuming their contents. These plastics take thousands of years to degrade and decompose, whereas these waste products can be melted and converted into polyester and apparels. Polyester industries and manufacturers are buyers of these waste products. This is a considerable venture to make money either by being a supplier or by getting involved in the processing itself.

SAWDUST TO BRIQUETTES: Sawdust is the by product of wood lumbering, it contains fine wood particles which do not decompose easily. Sawdust can easily be found in sawmills and in environments where wood is a major working material. High concentration of sawdust is mostly considered as waste products that could cause environmental hazard if accumulated over time. Sawdust unlike most people would consider can be used to generate income by utilising its lignin to bind briquettes. Briquettes are used for fuel and for generating energy.

PALM KERNEL SHELL (PKS) TO ACTIVATED CARBON; palm kernel shells are by products of palm kernels after extraction of the palm oil. The shells when crashed are referred to as PKS. They are waste products which can be converted into carbon and serve as an energy generating source for industries. They could also serve as a source of fuel for industrial boilers, furnace and foundries, residential and commercial heating etc.
PALM KERNEL CAKE (PKC) TO ANIMAL FEED: Palm kernel cake is the by product of milling palm kernel oil. It is a medium grade protein feed and it is considered useful for animals either as whole feed or with mineral and vitamin supplement. It is mostly useful for feeding cattle, pigs and poultry.

COCONUT SHELL TO COCONUT CHARCOAL: coconut shell which mostly would be considered as a waste product can also be processed into charcoal. This charcoal is very useful because of its quality. It could be powered and used as for making activated carbon, it is also applicable for cooking and has a pleasant smell. It could also be used by blacksmiths, goldsmiths and in laundries.
All these waste products and many others are things that people dispose and get rid of on a daily basis. Having the right knowledge of their benefits and how they can be reprocessed can expose an entrepreneur to new ways of making money. Many of these products can also be exported to other countries where they can be required in high quantity.