Some habits win people over for you and make your life processes easier. So many people have cultivated and won people over just because of the right verbal response and the good attitudes they have. You don’t have to be born with the perfect instinct to get things right, as a matter of fact, you could inculcate some habits into your life if you are working towards having a good interpersonal relationship with your contact and developing good interaction skills.  Here are some habits that can improve your interaction skills.
POLITENESS: being polite is a trait that passes someone across as diligent and heart-warming. Words like sorry and please passes you off as a charismatic person. Being arrogant is a success killer and help chaser.

APPRECIATIVE: appreciating every little bit and favour is a common trait for people that are easily favoured.  Saying thank you to a messenger or a gateman are attributes which should be emulated.
COMPLIMENTS: charismatic people pass compliments, they appreciate other people and encourage people that are even substandard to them.

INFORMATIVE: carrying people along and sharing vital information is an attribute that drives progress. Information hoarders for their own benefits are not considered likeable or worth emulating.
HELPFUL: the society has affected the judgement of people on helping others. Being supportive and helpful is a necessary trait and habit people who are looking to be successful should emulate.

TEAM MATES: charismatic people understand the concept of being a team mate. They are always ready to work together with others and carry people along.

CONFIDENCE: successful people always possess confidence. They are bold and know how to face challenges without passing across too strong or too boastful.
LISTENERS: charismatic and intelligent people are listeners. They are willing to give a part of their time to listen to other people’s problems, opinions and ideas.

RESPONSIBILITY: successful people know how to take responsibility for their actions and how to stay responsible to their task.
OPTIMISM: successful people hardly ever stay negative. They see the positivity in life and encourage people to stay positive.

These are habits you should imbibe in your daily attitudes. They help you improve yourself and make interactions easier for you.