Export is a viable business. Nigeria produces tonnes of products yearly which are useful in many countries that cannot produce them. Export is a good source of generating revenue and boosting the economy. Many people have exportable products which rot from year to year in their backyards but do not have the right knowledge of processes involved in making a successful export and making a sustainable income from it. Here are some exportable products which are demanded in various parts of the world in huge quantity.
CHARCOAL: Nigeria is one of the countries that produce good quality charcoal which can be exported to many countries.

GINGER: this is one of the widely consumed spices in the world. Ginger makes a good export product. So if you are located in an environment where you could get a produce like this in high quantity, you could consider researching for countries that import them and do business with them
SESAME SEED: this seed is an ingredient useful for many cuisines in many countries in the world. They could also be reprocessed for their oil which is a commodity of economic value. Exporting of sesame seed can be done and revenue can be generated from it.

LEAD ORE: this is a product from mining which is considered useful in many industrial sectors. It is the chemical element used in producing lead acid battery. It can be found in states like Nassarawa, Taraba , Gombe and some other northern states. It is a product of international value.
TIMBER: this is another product of international market value that can be harvested and sold as an export good.

PALM KERNEL OIL: palm kernel oil and most other products from palm kernel can be considered for export as they are been produced in a large quantity in Nigeria.
DRIED HIBISCUS: this is an annually grown herbal crop, cultivated for its leaves, stems and seeds. They are exportable produce and can be found majorly in the northern part of the country. Herbal tea manufacturing countries are dominant buyers for this commodity.

GARLIC: this is another farm produce that is produced in high quantity in Nigeria. They are known for their high medicinal properties and serve as good export products to countries like France, Indonesia, Australia etc

CASHEW NUT:  cashew nut is a seed with high commercial value. The oil extract of the seed has high and numerous industrial applications. This is good product to consider for export to countries like China, India and so on.
TIN ORE: this is another mined mineral resource that can be exported to other countries. Tin can be found in Jos plateau. China is one of the countries that can be considered to export into.

MICA: the demand for Mica is growing bigger. It is useful for the manufacture of fireproofing and insulating materials. Countries that manufacture products like this can be considered to do business with.
ZINC ORE: zinc is one of the mined mineral resources. It is useful for the coating of metals to prevent corrosion. Zinc can be found in Nassarawa, Gombe, Jos plateau and exportable to countries like China, United States etc.

METAL SCRAPS: Metal scraps can be recycled and re use for manufacture of new products and therefore they make good exportable goods.

SHEA BUTTER: Shea butter is used in the production of medicines, confectionaries and cosmetics. It can be found in kwara state, Niger state, etc. countries like Sweden, Denmark and UK are good importers of shea butter.
COCOA: long before the oil boom, cocoa has been an exportable commodity in Nigeria. Cocoa has generated huge revenue for cash crop farmers and exporters. Cocoa is used in many countries where beverages are being produced in high quantity.

Any of these products can be sourced in high quantity and exported to generate good income.