Being new to business comes with its cons and pros. You are to decide if this is going to work for you or against you. As a young entrepreneur, it is easy for you to channel the modern ways of doing business, be innovative and make good millions that even existing business owners have never thought of making. As easy as this may sound, it requires effort and experience which you basically lack and which might end up working against you. Even though mistakes are mostly inevitable but with the right attitude, they might end up motivating you to do better.  There are still some avoidable and preventable mistakes which new entrepreneurs make. Some of those mistakes include:
OVERCONFIDENCE: Most young people who have been opportune to make it quickly tend to develop ego and start to see themselves as over achievers. Pride they say leads to downfall. Business is not a place to over celebrate success and develop arrogance. Never stop learning from people that are ahead of you. Know that the simplest wrong step can bring your venture down as quickly and you rose.

HIRING THE WRONG PEOPLE: be certain not to mix business with pleasure. Hiring under qualified personnel because of your personal relationship is a business killer. You could end up losing your friends without getting the job done. Don’t gamble or take chances with your business, especially a new venture. Make sure there are no personal motives or reasons while hiring. Surround yourself with people that can get the job done and perform their duties as efficiently as possible.
CONFIDENTIALITY: this is a very important attribute for a growing business. You have to know how to keep information to yourself. You can’t have all your ideas flying around. There are smart people out there that are likely to come out with results before you know it. Learn to keep your plans and aspirations to yourself while silently working relentlessly towards achieving them.

Avoid these mistakes at all cost, don’t let being new hold you back from achieving beyond your goals. Put efforts into the right places and do the unthinkable.