Becoming an extra ordinary entrepreneur takes more of thinking and acting. It takes seeing beyond what ordinary people would see and it involves having the foresight to see positivity where everyone sees impossibility. Succeeding as an entrepreneur comes with optimizing your thinking and strategizing effectively. Here are some strategizes towards optimizing your thinking.
EVALUATE AND MANAGE: the first step towards improving yourself is analysing and evaluating situations then directing approaches towards managing them. Think of situations that prove challenging to you and the ones you try severally to avoid then do everything possible to confront the situation and get better at them. This will improve your capabilities and efficiency.

ERASE NEGATIVITY: there is power in dreaming. Visualise success no matter how impossible it seems especially in the areas which you are inefficient. Consider that you can achieve whatever you set your heart to. The key to success is positive mind and consistency.

APPROACH SITUATIONS: set small goals for yourself especially in the areas you know you have challenges in. Set an achievable goal, you can repeat this task consecutively for days till you notice a reputable progress. You can repeat this approach for every difficult task that comes your way. This will help you in overcoming your fears and optimizing yourself. This is how many great and successful people have strategized and optimized themselves towards becoming more efficient in what they do.
What you think is most likely what you are and a determinant of what you can become. Take charge of your thinking and direct it towards positivity and achieving your set goals.