Most sales personnel find it difficult to sell their most expensive products, while these sales are crucial for the growth of the company. Here are some ways to making those sales.
Be open - minded about your customers: never look down on a customer, never assume they cannot afford to pick up a product. Keep a positive attitude towards any sale. Even the most frugal people give themselves treats occasionally.

Be sure your products can solve problems: be reasonable to figure out what your customers have problems with and how your products can solve their problems. People tend to spend their money more on areas that can give them value and comfort. Be smart enough to help them figure out how your product would be adding value to their lives.
Positioning strategy: people mostly tend to drift towards the acquisition of averagely expensive product. Creating a super expensive product could be a strategy towards selling your expensive product which now seems like the averagely expensive one.

Selling related products: selling related products that are in form of accessories alongside your main products can help customers find your product appealing. These related products on the other hand are most likely to give you additional profits eventually.
You can apply these strategies to sell your expensive products and make your business thrive better.