It is not enough to have dreams and visions, almost everyone has that. Putting the necessary tools and efforts to make your dreams and aspirations a reality is the way to go. Having the right ideas is futile if it is not supported with the means of transforming them into a reality. Everyone has passion and aspirations, only few have been able to identify the right approach to transform their dreams into reality. Here are some applicable steps in the realisation of your dreams.
Beliefs: some people are so limited in their beliefs, they do not believe in themselves. It is impossible for you to accomplish anything if you do not believe yourself worthy of those accomplishments.

Discipline: the fundamental day to day way to achieving your dreams is to exercise discipline. Discipline should be applicable to every area directed towards achieving your goals. It could be the way you spend your money or time management, being disciplined is a crucial requirement for realising your dreams.

Vision: you should be able to have visions and goals that you are working towards achieving. There should also be laid down plans of how you want to achieve them. Your visions are meant to guide you, motivate you and give you directions towards actualising your goals.
Acknowledgements: there is never really an end point to being successful. It is important to know success comes in stages and the longer your work the more targets and set down goals you have to accomplish. You have to be able to acknowledge every stage of your accomplishments. Give yourself credits and set higher goals.

These are steps that will keep you in check and make your desired goals achievable.