Everyone needs to make a little extra income, regardless of how much they earn. Having a good alternative income source is relieving and it makes you financially independent. It could mean developing a new idea or doing something alongside whatever you have going. Here are some ideas of how to make money easily.
CONSULTANCY: most people have a good year of experience in what they do. Some people have worked for years and gathered quite a number of exposures and acquired relevant skills to build aspiring persons. Considering a consultancy firm isn’t such a bad idea. You can make money by teaching other people the things you know and ideas applicable to becoming a success in your career. This is a good money making option for older youths and retirees.

FREELANCING: there is a skill you have that people somewhere would be happy to pay for.  Writing contents, becoming a virtual assistance, freelance photography and so many other stuffs can be done to make money without much stress. This is a very easy way to make money alongside whatever you do.
SALES REPRESENTATIVE: connecting buyers and sellers is another lucrative way to make money. You can develop a way of showcasing items for sales and make money by connecting people for business. There is always someone somewhere who needs to get rid of an item, there is also someone somewhere else who would gladly pay for these items. Connect them and make money off the sales.

PROGRAMMING: so many people are familiar with software development and programming, they have a good understanding of the use of a computer and how to make different applications out of it. This skills can be channelled as a good income source from anywhere in the world.
AFFILIATE MARKETING: This involves plugging the link for a product or service to your website. This would make you money if any buyer goes through your link to make a purchase. Many people have made a lot of residual income through a business option like this.

Any of the above business option can help you become financially independent and make you a business owner.