The success of any business solely depends on its leadership characteristics. New ventures demand so much efforts and hardwork to put together. Leadership is directed towards achieving the ultimate business goals and making sure your staff is well equipped and organised to achieve the set goals. Regardless the type of business you run and what the set out goals are, the type of leader you are is a great determinant of whether your business will succeed or not. Here are some of the avoidable traits a good leader should avoid:
PROCRASTINATION: taking responsibility is a function of a leader. A leader that is cannot make the right decisions at the right time is considered incompetent. Procrastination and avoiding taking swift actions is a business killer.

INABILITY TO BE FLEXIBLE: as a good leader, if you are aiming to maximize your resources, you have to be flexible in your approaches. The ability to consider alternative options makes success achievable in a work process. Inflexibility brings about waste of resources, arrogance and resentment. Flexibility makes work easier for workers and its leaders approachable and efficient.

ABUSE OF POWER: being a leader automatically puts you in the position of power yet this power should not be misused if you are not planning to fail. Diligence should be applied in the use of power. Abuse of power is likely to spring resentment and inefficiency in workers. Show maturity and respect to everyone on your team irrespective of their positions.
MICROMANAGEMENT: this occurs when a leader wants to be involved in every process. This is a bad attributes that results in less productivity and inefficient work processes. It mostly implies no one is efficient enough to get the job done and this creates a spirit of incompetence in staff.

IMPROPER COMMUNICATION: regardless of the number of staff you have, you are expected to relate and associate with every worker differently. Don’t make anyone feel left out or uncomfortable because you think others are more efficient. Learn to communicate with every member of your team individually and help bring out the best in them.
Avoiding these attitudes makes the work progress easier and achievable. It creates a conducive atmosphere for staff and managers. There is an opportunity of increase in potentials and productivity if you avoid these traits.