Everyone needs a little extra cash, this is why a regular paying job is never enough for anyone. For great and hardworking people, side business is one of the best ways to make some extra cash while you are still employed. So either you have a 9-5 job or you have a business of your own running before, here are 10 other business options you can consider.

TALENT: modelling, acting, singing, dancing are some of the ways people are highly talented but which they never really pay attention to. Consider using your talent for business in a legitimately creative way. There are so many opportunities for people how are willing to use their talents productively to make money.
RESUME WRITING: people make unbelievable amount by writing good resumes for other people. This is a type of business you can consider for side cash without it even affecting your regular job. Having the right network and getting customers is the right approach to consider for this business.

PART TIME DELIVERY: there are some companies that run shifts and who hire delivery personnel. Pizza deliveries, ice cream deliveries are some of the well known part time delivery jobs. Doing this along your regular job might be a way to break even.
BABYSITTING: your off or free time could also be considered for babysitting and making a little extra cash. You could make this a regular business for weekends or occasionally depending how much you are needed and how well it pays.

CLEANING SERVICES: this is another work you can do on the side and make some good money from. Many houses and offices hire regular reliable cleaners to make their environment clean. This type of side business hardly affects their regular day to day job and they pay good enough.
Side jobs give opportunities for alternative income source. It helps many people break even and have a little extra cash to solve their needs. Consider these business options today and you might be thankful you did