Doing it once and not getting it right doesn’t make you a failure while starting up and getting it right doesn’t make you perfect. The right ideas and initiatives of existing entrepreneurs would go a long way in helping you and making it easier for you to get it right the first time. Many achievers today would have had it lot easier if they had gotten some tips and watch words from people ahead. The right mentoring, the right pieces to pick and read and the right approach to starting up can make you what you want to be.

NEVER ASSUME YOU KNOW: never get tired of asking questions, don’t assume you know enough to handle things yourself. A little extra question, don’t be bothered about how you might be perceived. Gather information and ask everything you think you should know. This will go a long way in getting you acquainted with what you are getting into.
GET EDUCATED: so many people believe that they can skip basic education and still make it big in life. Ofcourse, this is very possible but getting the basic background education you need would only make your start up process easier. Every form of knowledge or education is important and worth having.

APPRECIATE YOURSELF: many people beat themselves up too hard, they never think they have done well enough. So they keep pushing themselves too hard till they break down. Appreciate yourself, be grateful for small wins. See failure as opportunity to try again in a different way.
MENTORSHIP: when starting up, every advice is valuable, every experience will help you. Talk to people in your life of business or career. Look up to them to mentor you and advice you. Learn from their mistakes and make a better life out of it.

TAKE TIME OUT: no matter what your routine is or how much you want to get things done, take time out to rest and get inspiration. Don’t the soaked into a routine everyday of the year. Its not how much of a hardwork but more of smart work.