Transportation is a viable sector.  People, goods, commodities, services always move for one place to another. This business has made some people well established and financially sufficient. Here are 5 ways in which an aspiring entrepreneur can come into the business.
BUS SERVICES: the use of buses has been the main means of populace transportation in many major cities. Buses are also the easiest and affordable means of inter and intra state movement. Many people have made so much from being a bus driver and a bus owner.

MEDICAL SERVICES: there is always need for the use of ambulance and other medical transport service. It could be the need to transport patients, bodies, body organs, blood, pharmaceutical services etc. getting the right way of coming into this sector might be the only hindrance between you and your source of income.
BOAT SERVICES: the use of boats and yatch as a means of transportation is also viable, especially in riverine areas where the major means of transportation is via water. Knowing how to give a boat ride or the luxurious yatch ride is another way to make money in transport.

AIRPLANE SERVICES: people travel all over the world for different reasons and purposes. The use of an aircraft is the most sufficient means of covering long distance in a good time. Investors can decide to come into the airline business, market their service and make lots of money out of it.
SHIPPING SERVICES: most imported and exported goods are transport through the use of ships. Shipping services just like the other means of transport is very important and cannot be overlooked. Large and heavy commodities are mostly transported on the ship. Gases and crude oil, air plane parts, vehicles are some of the items that are transported on the ship. It is safer and mostly efficient for these types of goods. Investors can come into transportation by starting a shipping line. It is capital intensive but also viable.

Transport business is profitable and viable when invested into rightly.