As an entrepreneur, your success process cannot be complete till you can be a role model to aspiring business owners. In your business ideas and plans, you need to inculcate habits that will make you different and creative. These are the attributes potential entrepreneur will identify in you and emulate in their own ways to. Being a good business owner demands you to be a good teacher and a positive influence on people that are looking up to you in some ways. Tips on being a good role model:
CLARITY: being clear and direct in your ways makes you a good teacher. Knowing how to pass a message across in the best and simplest ways possible is very crucial if you are going to have an impact on the people you mentor. Don’t make little seem so big and don’t exaggerate processes thereby making them seem unachievable.

MAKE IT REAL: for anyone trying to be a good teacher, its easier by going through the process with your team. Don’t do more of theory and less of practical approach. Experience the process with your team and give them the opportunity to do it themselves.

TEAM WORK: as an entrepreneur and a teacher, you have to understand and inculcate the habit of team work. Know make very team member feel important and part of the process. Make every contribution important and worthy.
TEACH WHAT YOU KNOW: your most important lessons are within you. Teach your experience and you ideas. Don’t go overboard or try to impress then end up saying things you cannot defend.

ENCOURAGEMENT: put effort into appreciating little efforts and encouraging people. Don’t convey the message of dominance or superiority. Treat your team as equals and always be ready to learn a thing or two from them too.