There are always moments in life, when the going gets rough. When it seems like there are no ways forward. It is easy to lose focus and get distracted at times like this. It is important to realise giving up is never an option. Great entrepreneurs today have gone through terrible career moments. Motivate yourself and be encouraged. Pull yourself together and don’t fail to keep trying.
The following steps can help you stay motivated when you are facing challenges.
You can fake it till you make it: trial is a way to start. Even if you fail, you have learnt a thing or more. You will get better eventually. It is important to take business risk, they help to improve your skills and the success you achieve eventually motivates you.

You can’t get to the peak in a day: everyone was once a novice in a field they have excelled at eventually. It takes time to achieve whatever your goals are. It is understandable if you suck at first. Consistent effort in the right direction will produce positive results at the long run.

Anything can be controlled and managed: every new aspiration looks big and nearly unachievable at first. Taking the bold step of breaking them down to stages and achievable step is a way to start. Ignoring how intimidating the processes are and working on each step at a time makes the work easier and less stressful to accomplish.
Motivation accompanies desire: it is important to know that motivation is associated with desire. It is unfulfilling to keep pushing yourself to achieve goals you do not necessarily desire or that you are not passionate about. Know your niche and understand what gears you up and keeps you motivated, work in that direction towards achieving your goals.

Seek support systems:  you need to know that you do not have to do anything on your own. There are always people to support you and encourage you in the process of achieving your goals. You can seek support from family and friends, you can have people already in your line of venture to mentor you. You can choose to attend seminars and support groups. Don’t be scared to ask questions or share your opinion. Your fear is the only thing holding you back from achieving your goals.