Most businesses and organisations require the optimum effort of their employee to make the work process efficient and successful. There are some basic characteristics required of every employee if their impact is going to be felt in the company. Every business owner or leader is therefore required to identify these traits in their employees and know how to maximize these traits..
THEY TAKE RESPONSIBILITY: efficient employees take up responsibilities regardless if it’s within their job descriptions or not. Good employees never get comfortable with any imbalance in their work process, either it is made mandatory for them or not.

THEY SHARE MANAGERIAL VISION: good employees share the purpose and vision of the company. They understand the end game and are willing to imbibe themselves into the process required to achieve it.
THEY COMMUNICATE WITH COLLEAGUES: every good employee knows how to communicate well with colleagues and sees the work process as a team work. They know they cannot do it alone and have to carry other workers alone in and outside the work zone.

THEY ARE RELIABLE: a good worker must be reliable. They must be able to follow through with every job and every assignment. Being dependable is a trait that is crucial in an employee.

THEY ARE PROBLEM SOLVERS: a good employee must have the initiative required for solving work processes. They must be able to render good advice and have ways of realising proposed solutions.
THEY ARE SUPPORTERS: they are always ready to support their leaders and help with the processes involved in getting the job done.

THEY ARE DREAM CHASERS: great employees take time to pursue their own thing, they make themselves better and develop their careers. They never stay comfortable just working for a boss.
These are the traits to watch out for when trying to hire or in your existing team. These are the habits that make your team efficient and up to the task.