Many people aspire to become millionaires but their daily habits do not come close to what is required of a mastermind. Being wealthy is never limited to how much money you have or that you can make, you have to live an enriched life and cultivate habits of masterminds before you can realise your goals. Habits can shape a life and change the direction you are moving towards. A petty habit like backbiting is not for masterminds. Your attitudes say so much about your goals and aspirations. Encouraging others and being positive are habits effortlessly cultivated by potentially successful people. Question your daily habits today and evaluate your potential towards success. On your journey to success, these are attitudes that you should cultivate.
STUDYING: a successful mind is an inquisitive mind. Reading and studying should be part of your regular habit if you are gunning for success. Learning enriches your mind and opens up your insight. Almost all the successful people in the world are readers.

PLANNING: this is a crucial habit for a mastermind. You have to set your goals and plan effectively on how to achieve them. Break your plans into small steps which are achievable on a daily basis. Then work daily on every of these steps and before you know it a big project is well planned and made easier to achieve.
NETWORKING: in the world of today, networking is an important skill required for any mastermind that is going to stay afloat. Effective networking and consistent effort towards staying relevant and important is required if you are going to be a success. Networking is a daily habit, every contact is important, every email should be attended to. This way you stay relevant and close to peoples mind.

RECORDING: the mind is a busy and filled place. Every potential achiever needs a journal for recording. Journals keep ideas of the past and the success of the present. It keeps a record of your ideas, failures, goals. Its easier to keep track of events and activities if you keep records well.
RELAXING: successful people always know when to stop working and take a rest. They know when to go on vacation and spend time with their family. A mind cannot stay stressed all year round and still perform effectively. You need a well detailed schedule on how to rest and when to.

MASTERING YOUR CRAFT: manage your talent, be passionate about it and become an authority in it. Practise your craft daily and get better at it. You talent is the easiest source of your millions.
MASTERMINDING: every success story has and effort and a hardwork towards achieving their goals. All of the above habits coupled with discipline are required to effectively achieve your desires and goals. Build the right relationship, believe in yourself and face the challenges that come your way. Your zeal and positivity will take you a long way in being who you want to be.