There are ways to approach your business differently. You might not have thought of doing certain things in certain ways and that could be the approach needed to improve your productivity.
Here are some of the methods applicable to business owners.

Delegate workers more: you might be accustomed to doing things yourself because you are more comfortable doing things that way and it saves you the stress of having to explain and delegate. It is good to learn to delegate more work to workers. This would help relieve you of too much work load, gives room for focusing on works you can’t delegate and increases the speed of productivity.
Empower your staff adequately: to make your work process efficient and conducive, you should empower your staffs with everything needed to make their task achievable.

Curb your distractions: as much as cell phones, TVs etc are enlightening and important, they could be distracting at times. They could limit your speed in doing certain task. You should curb your distractions this year and focus more.
Define your success: you need to have conditions that you have to achieve before you can consider yourself successful. The definition of success is relative. You should know your own abilities and desires. Work in this line and be sure to attain the stage of fulfilment and accomplishment in your business.

Team effort: learn to know the essence of team effort. See it as if your team succeed you have succeeded. Associating yourself with people of aligned vision and purpose make achieving success easier and faster.