It’s not enough to have the right amount of capital and skills when starting up a venture. Most of the well experienced entrepreneurs have failed in their businesses and line of expertise because even though they have all that qualifies them to start a business of their own, they do not have the right leadership skills to manage their hired personnel or employee. It is crucial to understand that it takes more than capital and hardwork to run a business successfully. As an entrepreneur, you need to know what needs to be achieved and know how to achieve it through your employees. Below are some basic leadership principles that will gear you to success as an entrepreneur.
MENTORSHIP AND EMULATION: no matter where you are and what you are trying to achieve, some people have done it in the past and succeeded. Talking to people who have succeeded in your field would be useful in helping you to be an efficient entrepreneur. Leadership goes beyond a title, you have to be willing to develop your skills and put in the maximum effort if you are going to manage the people under you efficiently.

PUSHING YOUR LIMITS: anyone that is easily comfortable and contented cannot be an efficient leader. You have to be willing to go beyond your bounds. Do activities outside your comfort zone which are directed towards taking your business or organisation beyond its state.
DONT DEMAND PERFECTION, LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES: You don’t need to be a perfectionist to be an efficient leader. Always know that failures are the best motivators to getting it right. Be humble and be willing to always carry your team along. Never leave your team in the dark but appreciate their efforts and little successes.

APPRECIATE EFFORTS AND SUCCESS IN YOUR TEAM: recognising and appreciating the success and effort of others is a good leadership trait. This defines you and says so much about the kind of person you pass across to be.

BE FIRM WITH YOUR DECISIONS: a leader must be firm with making decisions and implementing them. An efficient leader would not tolerate low standards or inefficiency. They keep the team in check and make sure success is achieved.
POSITIVITY IS THE WATCH WORD. Leadership skills and positivity goes side by side. You must know how to imbibe the right attitude in your team. Know how to bring out the best in them and manage them well. As a leader, if you think its impossible then you might never get to achieve it.

Leadership entails strategizing efficiently to maximize your resources and staff to achieve the proposed goals and desires. Having the right traits needed for a leader is demanded of every entrepreneur and business owner. These are the keys that would make you a successful leader and teacher eventually.