Tree plantation farming also known as afforestation is a form of business to consider in a world of today. There are many advantages associated with planting of trees. Wood and timbers which are also gotten from fully grown trees are useful in the production of many day to day household materials. They are of great economic and environmental value. Acquiring a piece of land and investing in tree planting is a good business which might take a long time to manifest but they are lucrative when they eventually get harvested.
Advantages of planting of trees
Trees as in every other plant inhales carbon di oxide and exhale oxygen. This help to reduce environmental hazards mostly experienced in overcrowded areas. Planting of trees have climatic benefits on the environment.

Wood has been a source of inexpensive fuel since the Stone Age period. Many industrial and factory processes still make use of wood as their main source of energy.
Trees produces fruits, they could further be processed into herbs, rubber, gum, pharmaceutical products, medicine etc which are useful to human in numerous ways.

Timbers could also serve as export products and this is a good way to generate income and revenue for the nation.
Land filled with planted trees is valuable and could be used as collateral for loans.

Tree plantation also helps reduce erosion and land degradation thereby preserving the land for agricultural purposes.
Tree plantation is generally inexpensive to execute.

Tree plantation can never do wrong. Either they are cut down eventually to be processed into other materials or they help in stabilising the environment and climate. They are always financially rewarding and economical to venture into.