Education sector is one of the most lucrative business sectors one can venture into. There are many opportunities to make money in the sector. Production of writing notes and pads is one of the businesses to consider.  Notebooks are essential writing materials and year in year out, people make use of numerous writing materials. Many entrepreneurs have ventured into this line of business due to its money making opportunities. This type of business can be started by almost anyone, although it is capital intensive and can require prior knowledge, essential equipment and how to operate them. There is a large market for writing materials, they are not limited to schools, offices, organisations, medical centres but almost all work outlets make use of writing materials.
Tips on starting up.
Researches and trainings: as applied to all other types of business, it is important to get as much information as possible before venturing into a business. Get as much information as possible from existing business owners. Know your competitors, capital required to start and the best ways to market your products. If possible undergo training for a period of time before venturing into your own trade.

Location: getting a good location that would be efficient for this type of business is a crucial factor to consider. Nearness to raw materials and market for the finished products should be considered when getting a location. Nearness to competitors is also a way to strategize. This will give you access to potential clients and get you acquainted to how the business is done.
Capital: most of the capital required goes into securing a location, acquiring equipment required to start up the business and getting of raw materials for the production process. The business could require huge capital for start up but there is opportunity for making profits that will cover up for the capital later on.

Hiring of workers: this is not a one man business, it is necessary to hire workers that have experience in this field. Hire efficient, hardworking and skilful people. This will help you to make the production process easier to accomplish.
Marketing your product: this is as important as every other step needed to get the job done.  You need to have a market for your product, if not you might not be able to keep your business going. There are many applicable strategies for efficient marketing. Brand yourself well and network with people that will need your products.

Production of writing materials is a business with a very huge market. There is a large number of people that require your products if you can market efficiently. The business is financially sustaining and viable in a country like Nigeria.