Business owners tend to make many mistakes when relating and negotiating with potential customers. While they tend not to pay attention to the consequences of the overall way they treat customers, this will at the end of the day have a long term effect on their businesses. Your business is your identity, how you end up being received could be as a result of your interpersonal relation ability and negotiation skills. Here are some of the negotiation mistakes business owners make.
Being too pushy: it is normal to be convincing, it is understandable to encourage potential customers to do business with you. It is never a good idea to be too pushy. It is more encouraging to work on your brand and quality so that you wouldn’t need too much effort when it comes to encouraging customers to patronise you. Give people the opportunity to say no. Give them the freedom to express how they feel and how they would prefer to do business without you forcing your deals on them. If you have a quality brand, you will definitely do your own business eventually.

Subconscious body languages: every time you relate with a potential customer, you should know that communication goes beyond what you speak or say. Attitudes and body languages do a lot of talking in negotiations. It is important not to make potential customers feel uncomfortable by the manner you respond to them. Even if the conversation isn’t going in the best way you would have preferred, know that you are the face of your business and how you act and comport yourself has a long term effect your business. It doesn’t usually take too long for customers to identify business owners with bad attitude and this could reduce your business progress rate generally.
Short term thinking: most business owners tend to think short term when relating with potential customers. It is important to think in long terms manner when dealing with a customer. People’s reference is still a major way of getting more customers in business. Never assume a customer can never be back, reference can go a long way in enlarging your business. They will be back in the form of customers they would be referring. How you have approached and treated everyone you have come in contact with in business will have an effect on the success of your business at the end of the day.

Avoid the above mistakes as much as possible during negotiations and watch your business thrive better.