When people think business, money comes to mind. Many people use this as an excuse not to leave their comfort zone or become financially independent. Truly, as far as business is concerned, money is not enough to hold you back if you are willing and passionate. Leveraging on the little you can do before you achieve greater goals might just the way out for a mind that is willing. In the Nigeria of today, almost every adult can afford to raise 20,000 naira. Why not think of starting something small and turning it into something massive over time. Here are some business ideas you can start up with 20,000 or less if you are willing to do something instead of constantly roaming about the street in search of a white collar job. You can become an entrepreneur and even an employer of labour, depending on how well you do your thing and how far you are willing to go. Here are some business ideas that you can start with very little capital.

HOUSEHOLD ITEM PRODUCTION: items like methylated spirit, liquid soaps, bar soaps, bleach, shampoo, toilet soaps, air freshener, hair cream, candles, detergent are items that are always on demand everyday. These products are easy to produce and you can even start production from a corner in your house. All you need is the skill for producing the items yourself. You can decide to start with a product or two depending on how well you can combine and manage your production process.

SNACKS PRODUCTION: food items like cupcakes, plantain chips, packaged chinchin, packaged peanut, pop corns, potato chips are some snacks that can be produced on a small scale and sold at strategic locations. Businesses like this can start with even less than 20,000 and grow into something big. All you need is your skill and good marketing strategies.

DRINK PRODUCTION: packaged sobo drink, kunu drink, ginger drink, fruit drinks are some of the drinks you can make on a small scale and sell at places like schools, offices, churches, recreational centres etc. they are mostly easy and cheap to produce and all that you need is a cheap but good way of packaging yourself and attracting customers.
Many of these items are easy to produce and handy to sell. Think of something today and establish yourself well it in. The sky can only be a starting point for people who make the effort