If you are well established and well experienced in your line of career and related fields, you can consider setting up a counselling firm as a means of giving back to the younger generation and also as an alternative income source for yourself. Many people worldwide hate their jobs or don’t do well enough in their path and often need the help of counsellors to help by giving them advises which are useful and applicable to make their lives better. Counselling is a great and life changing skill to possess. People who are established counsellors focus on helping people more than making money, although if well established, money is certain to be made. Being in this line of business is very lucrative and fulfilling.
Tips on getting started.
Certification: many people own a certificate in counselling but this does not limit a person with a degree in another field from getting started. Get a business license that certifies you for consultancy and counselling and start up you business in the easiest ways possible.

Location: for a business opening like this, you need to consider starting up in a good location where people can reach you easily
Packaging your offers: there is also a need to package your business and brand yourself well. Have a well established service price chart, you can also consider developing products of value like books, dvds, etc. these would serve as alternative income source. Develop your skills in speaking, lecturing, motivating and stay on top of your game because you are the face of your business and what you have to offer or say to your client is the only determinant of how long you would stay in business.

Networking and marketing: after branding yourself well, getting the right connections and knowing how to market yourself well will also keep you in business. Bring an e side to your business and keep developing yourself and getting links for clients.
No talent is a waste, no business is small. You can start something you believe in small and make something big out of it. All you require is the passion and the drive.