It takes quite an amount of hardwork to build a functioning website or online store. This hardwork is likely to bring you a good amount of traffic but converting this traffic to revenue generating customers might be your major challenge. Getting customers on your platform isn’t enough if you cant get them to pay for a product or service you would be rendering. Here are simple ways to convert your website traffic to paying customers to boom your business.
EASY ACCESS AND SIMPLICITY: make your site simple and easy to access, it is more efficient to set your site up in such a way that purchasing your products would be easy and straightforward. Also, consider making multiple payment options available for potential customers. This would easily reduce limitation and shortage of means to make money. Make your content concise, make navigation on your site easy and straightforward.

VISUALS: this is the next tip of converting an ordinary curious mind or onlooker to a valid customer. Showing video clips and display of how a product or service is going to add specific values to an onlooker or just a curious mind is another strategic approach to making a real sale. Attempting a video that displays how a product can add value to a buyer’s life is a strategic approach that can never run out of play. Its an effortless way of getting more customers through the same approach.
FREE PRODUCTS: everyone has a weakness for something free. Giving your traffic opportunity to valuable products for a period of time before monetising it is another good approach to get them to pay for your products. Offering bonus products relating to a specific content would make it easier to attract a customer and give them the opportunity to know that your monetise products are of value.
These marketing tips are important if your curious visitors are going to eventually become revenue generating customers.