Dairy farming involves the milking of cattle and other animals for the production of milk and other related products. Dairy farming is a profitable business to consider especially for business owners who are into livestock farming. Raw milk could be sold to industries or companies involved in dairy products for processing and it could also be processed by the farm owners before selling them to consumers, depending on how capable the company is.

Dairy farming could be capital intensive depending on if you choose to process your products yourself which could involve acquiring equipment and getting a big location close to the farm for establishment. It is however lucrative to invest in, as there is always a steady demand for dairy products. Hardwork is involved in dairy farming as milking of animals can be challenging and stressful but products are profitable at the end of the day as they serve as a raw material for many finished beverages. High level of hygiene is also required for a good milking process as they are susceptible to micro organism and could get easily contaminated.
Steps involved in running a dairy farm
Experience and exposure: getting experience and prior training will help in managing a dairy farm and give the necessary insight for how well to run the business.

Marketing: having the right network will help you to get customers for your product easily. e-marketing and e-commerce can also be applied to improve sales and business outlook.
Seminars and farm programmes: Attending seminars and other enlightening programmes could also help improve knowledge and provide opportunities to do better in the trade.

Dairy farming is a viable business to consider. There is opportunity for business expansion and it is a continuous process of making money alternatively from running a cattle or goat farm.