SELL THROUGH DISTRIBUTORS: You can sell your goods in bulk to distributors. This is a very fast and efficient means of selling off your goods with ease but you have to be able to sell cheaper if u sell to distributors compared to selling directly to retailers.
SELL TO RETAILERS: Selling your goods to retailers is another means of getting your goods sold easily. This works more effectively for products with high demand. Good advertising could help boost the market reach and improve overall result.

SELL TO CONSUMERS: You could consider selling your goods to consumers directly. You sometimes don’t need a location or outlet to do this. Getting the products to potential buyers is a strategy to limit sale chain and reduce profit slash.

SELL ON THE INTERNET: The availability of the internet has given room for millions of potential buyers for your commodity. An internet store would generate more interest and give u a wider scope of potential buyers. This can help to compliment your sales even if you have an existing traditional outlet.
SELL IN YOUR STORE: If you go into import business newly or you have been doing it for sometime and selling your goods through other means, you could consider opening your own store and selling to the consumers and retailers. This will help increase your sales and create an opportunity to combine other goods and services if need be.

SELL TO MANUFACTURERS: If you are importing a product that could be a raw material, it is best considered to sell your product to potential manufacturer that can use them as raw materials for the manufacturing of their own goods.