If you want to go fast,  go alone if you want to go far,  go together. This is a very literal way to explain networking. In the world of today, there is hardly really a career or business that can be built by someone independently. Networking is crucial, either in a business career or other aspects of life. Having the knowledge of proper networking is a skill that is beneficial for every career. Your contacts are your helping hands and it is important to know that every contact is valuable and important and should be treated with the respect. When setting up a new business, the type of people you meet, the contacts you gather, the help you can get and even that informal person somewhere that helped with something trivial are your entire network. Easy ways to have a strong viable network includes:

CONTINUOUSLY GROWING YOUR NETWORK: stay conscious of the fact that for you to build your career or run a profitable business successfully, you have to keep growing your network. Keep making contacts and building a list of people that can make your daily activities more efficiently and less intimidating.
BUILD A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR NETWORK: you have to know that building a network and having a huge number of contacts is never enough, you need to take time to build a relationship with your network. Know who they are, what they represent and how to deal with them.

SHOWCASE YOURSELF TO YOUR NETWORK: growing your network and figuring out what most of them represent isn’t enough if you cannot impact on your network and be a strong part of the system. Become a subject matter, showcase and emphasize what you do and what they can benefit from you too. Build something for yourself and make yourself valuable to be networked with.
BENEFIT FROM YOUR NETWORK: after putting all tips in place, be sure to benefit from your contact, be certain they can patronise you and put money in your pocket. A network cannot be considered an efficient one till you can generate income from them and their referrals.

In the world of today, right networking and referrals is enough to make you what you need in the first years of start up. Treat your network right and know that every contact and every referral is important.