Horticulture is the branch of agriculture that deals with the art, science, technology, and business of vegetable garden plant growing. It also includes the cultivation of medicinal plants, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs, sprouts, mushrooms, algae, flowers, seaweeds, lawns, planting edges, and non-food crops such as grass and ornamental trees and plants. Horticulture is a new kind of business in this part of the world and it is productive if properly planned and established. Knowing how to plant crops and having proper farm management skills are the basic requirements for a business like this.
Knowing the type of the crop to plant, proper harvesting and handling, good packaging and excellent marketing abilities are required if you are going to be successful in this line of business. Good interrelation abilities and excellent networking skills are also required if you are going to be in business for long.

Marketing: knowing how to market your products properly is a skill required if the business is going to thrive well. Having a website and promotional materials are ways of marketing your business to the world.

Location: having a good location in an urban centre where you can make sales and showcase your work is important. You cannot limit yourself to where you farm and expect people to know what you do.
Be well informed: know what the market is saying at everytime and get as much information as possible. Read well and attend seminars if need be. Don’t stay at a point if you want to progress and stay relevant.

Feedback mechanism: every customer is important. Be sure to be open to criticism and pay attention to complains and make appropriate corrections.
Horticulture business is viable, it is productive and can put food on the table. It can be considered as a full time or as an alternative income source. Make a move today if you are passionate and well skilled in a business like this.