Many agricultural farmers cultivate on a peasant level especially in the rural areas. Many of them lack the basic equipment needed to facilitate the plantation of their produce on a commercial scale. These farmers if given the opportunity to buy various equipment on instalment, rent or lease would fare well with their trade. The execution of a business like this could be a bit capital intensive and require locating to strategic points where your services would be required. If this type of business is executed appropriately, there is no limit to how much you can achieve in good time. Tips on getting started in the business
Location: setting up a business like this in a well developed urban centre might be a wrong way to go as your potential customers are mostly in the semi rural and rural areas. The grassroots is the best location for a business as such. This is where you are most likely to be of relevance. Setting up in a good location will go so much in affecting how well the business will thrive.

Researches: it is always important to do adequate researches before starting any business. Find out the type of equipment mostly needed, how much it will be profitable to rent, sell and lease. Be educated and informed about the line of trade before starting up.

Capital: businesses like this are capital intensive and it is advisable you have well above your budget before starting up. Many of the equipment will be imported from abroad and this is certain to cost a huge amount. Be sure you are financially capable to execute the project before starting.
Business registrations and approval: for any type of business, there is a government approved body for registration and getting your business license. Figure out the right way to get registered and get the necessary documents before starting your business.

Every business is unique and different. They are financially rewarding if executed properly. Do necessary homework and write your business plans and goals before starting up. Making profit will be the least of how far you can go with a business like this.