Financial independence is the ability to live the rest of your life without working and not getting broke. Here are some of the useful approach to being financially secure.
Opposite equivalent: learn to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. Endeavour to stay away from what people do that keeps them tagged as failures. Develop a new way of living and stay away from the norms.

Direct your emotions positively: let your emotions be your driving force towards doing positive things. It could be anger, passion, frustration etc be conscious to direct them towards alleviating yourself from your current situation.
Change the way you reason: you need to change the way you reason and express yourself. Know that there is nothing you cannot achieve if you set your mind towards it. You have to be mentally ready to live a wealthy life. Positivity is the best attitude to adopt.

Invest in yourself: the attitude of investing in oneself is crucial to financial independence. You have to spend on yourself and be ready to invest in some ways that can boost you IQ towards what you are aiming at. Read books, attend seminars and programs.
Be in control, measure every penny: be in control of your expenses. Make sure you are earning more than you spend. Always think of how you can make more money by creating solutions to people’s problems. Be responsible with your spending. Make sure you are constantly doing something that can make you more money.

Being wealthy starts from the way you think and then it extends to every other area of your life. Thinking big is a start to achieving great things.