There are several ways in which employers make their employees uncomfortable unknowingly. Making the work environment stable and conducive for workers can do so much in helping you achieve your managerial goals. The ability of the employer to diligently relate with workers in solving work related problems will go a long way in getting a solution in a short time.
Here are some of the ways to inspire your workers and improve work productivity   
Be inspired yourself: being passionate about your work or business, showings positive attitudes and being enthusiastic to work with your workers is a way to be an inspiration. Leadership by example they say, getting work done and showing traits of commitment will help inspire employees to follow suit.

Share your managerial goals: it is important to share managerial objectives and goals with workers, keep them aware of the purposes and give them a sense of belonging. Share the bigger picture with them and be willing to listen to their contributions and opinions. Make them feel comfortable and make them know their opinions are valid. Having a sense of belonging can encourage a worker to perform more effectively.
Give opportunities for exhibition of talents, learning and development: specialization and division of labour helps improve productivity in most organisations. Identifying strengths and weaknesses in workers and helping them to manage their strength to the fullest and ignoring their weakness is a way to help achieve managerial goals effectively. Encouraging training opportunities and giving rooms for career development programs is also a good way to encourage workers

Recognitions and encouragements: praising workers after a job well done and if possible giving a form of recognition or bonus is a way to inspire workers to be more effective and perform better. On the other side, when workers make errors, it is important to scold cautiously as very harsh insults and criticism can reduce the self esteem of a worker and affect the work output negatively.
Trust and freedom: giving your employees the opportunity to carry out assignments on their own without being over monitored gives a sense of trust and this encourages effective performance of the assigned task.

These are some of the inspiring attitudes to cultivate and apply in the everyday running of the employer/employee relationship. Effectiveness and managerial goals are well easily achieved with implementation of methods like this.