In times past, furniture making is associated with carpentry and this form of entrepreneurship was mostly done by unlearned or semi educated people. In recent times, things have changed a great deal and well educated people are starting to venture into this line of trade. People need to have furniture in their homes and it’s not everyone that can afford to import furniture into the country. This however doesn’t mean they deserve to have a lesser quality furniture. With the right training and innovations, one can start up a good quality furniture company in Nigeria. There is enough market to make you millions within a short period of time and even make you a household name over time.
Tips on how to become a furniture dealer.
Carpentry expertise: you might decide to go for basic carpentry trainings and become an expert in carpentry and furniture designing or you could decide to employ an expert in this field and be in charge of the administrative and managerial aspect of the business. A good quality full sitting room set could be made with under N100,000 and if well designed and of good quality could be sold at double this price. Providing a good profit for an investor.

Advertising and publicising: having a nice decent showroom to showcase your designs is a crucial means to improve sales. Make sure it is a place that is frequently walked past by people and where you can be easily accessed. Online marketing and advertisements can also go a long way in helping to promote this business. Quality products and customer satisfaction is a way to keep yourself in business for a long time.