There is no shortage of money in the world, only the shortage of people who think correctly about how to make the money. There is no long story behind the creation of wealth. It is very simple and concise. Being wealthy is not necessarily valued by how much money you have at hand, most wealthy people are asset rich and cash poor. There are two simple genuine ways to create wealth.
Firstly, have something of value to offer. Secondly, know how to monetize your value.

Having something of value to offer: there is always enough money to be earned, but nobody is ready to continue giving you a dime for no reason. It is important to figure out your passion. What motivates you? What can you do without getting paid for? This is most likely to be what is going to earn you the most wealth you crave. The easiest ways to create wealth is to acquire skills, get better at anything you do, and then make yourself an authority in it. It is most unlikely for you to create wealth by running an office hour schedule or earning a constant regular salary. It is mostly an unhappy and unfulfilling venture that is not rewarding. Wealth is embedded in your ideas, your thoughts, your dreams and your creativity then the amount of hardwork and consistent effort you are willing to put into it. This is the easiest way to create wealth for yourself and even other people. Wealth is not considered as how much money you can make,  it is how much you can acquire by contributing your potentials to something. It is the value you can bring to the world with the aim of solving a problem or more.
Monetizing your value: you can never under estimate how much people would be willing to pay for a value. It is important to monetize yourself appropriately. Think of ways to make people pay for whatever you can offer. Get a market place to validate the contribution of your potentials. Keep adding value to yourself , keep getting better at what you do and keep asking people to pay more for your potentials. There is no limit to how much you can achieve or make if you develop yourself and bring value to the table. Don’t lower your targets even if things get tough. Surround yourself with a positive team. Success is a limitless process. What the mind can envision, the hands can achieve.