When you are considering a life transformation and you want to take the next step in improving yourself and doing your own thing, there are some questions you should ask yourself and there are some necessary answers you should be able to give convincingly before going ahead to start your own venture. There is need for assurance that you are capable of doing whatever you are planning towards and doing it rightly. Here are some questions you should evaluate and stay convinced about before quitting your job.
CAN YOU SURVIVE FAILURE: many business owners and successful people have failed at several attempts before getting it right. You need to ask yourself if you can survive if you fail. You might even succeed at your first attempt and not make enough profit like you proposed. Can you live with that? That is one question you should have a yes to before starting out.

CAN I DO IT ALL ALONE: most successful business owners started as a sole proprietor, with no one to support or encourage them. You have to be certain you do not need anyone to encourage you before you can do what you have to do.
CAN I MULTI TASK: as a new business starter, you likely cannot afford an assistant or accountant to carry out different roles for you. You need to be sure you can do different things at the same time and multi task if possible so that your business can have all it takes to make it a success.

ARE YOU A GOAL SETTER: you need to channel the risk taking and the goal getter side of you. Your business is most likely to stay at the same point if you are not ready to take the necessary steps and opportunities needed to make you a success.
CAN I BE A GOOD ROLE MODEL: you also need to identify how efficient you can be at identifying people that can work with you efficiently and people that can compliment your business.  Know if you can be a good role model and teacher to people aspiring to take the bold step towards achieving their goals too.

These are the questions every potential entrepreneur should ask themselves before setting up a business.