Many people today have different fascinating business ideas which they would like to start and establish but a larger percentage of people like this do not have enough capital to make their dreams become reality. This has being a major constraint to the success of many businesses. Some businesses even get started but folds up eventually all due to the shortage of capital. Many aspiring business owners are so acquainted to the fact that capital is the most important factor needed to start a business that they refuse to consider how they can start a business even with almost no money. Lack of capital is not enough to stop you from achieving your goals, only the lack of will can.

The needs for money in a business are numerous, they include:
Getting a paper work or licence

A location to work
The supply of needed materials

Equipment (if need be)
Hiring of employees and so many others depending on the type of business and scale of establishment.

Here are three options to consider if you do not have enough capital to start up a business.
REDUCE YOUR SCALE: limiting your scale and thereby reducing the amount of money you would need is an intelligent option to weigh. Reduce your expenses to the barest minimum and if possible inquire for the cheapest means of getting your needs done. Consider reducing cost on office space by working from home, you might also assume the sole proprietorship role if you cannot afford to hire yet.

BOOTSTRAPPING: this is another way to start a business with little capital. This is an approach towards test running a business and doing everything by oneself before making enough money to invest on a full scale. This type of test running solely relies on personal income, savings and the need for lowest operating cost. Many big companies today started as bootstrapped ventures.

OUTSOURCING: sourcing for funds outside and looking for people to believe in you and invest in your business is another way to approach to start a business. getting help from friends and families, applying for government grants and application for bank loans are some of the options to consider when starting up a business with limited capital.
If you believe in your business ideas but have capital constraints, you can consider any of the options above and before you know it your business might grow to be a top notch.