An infopreneur is someone that sells information on the internet. They basically use existing data and target an audience. This is a type of business that has existed even before internet became a household thing. People gather specific information in various forms and sell to people willing to pay for this information. This business can be done in two ways, you can either gather information by yourself and sell to potential customers who need this information or you could make money from information which you know nothing about but which you can provide available for clients in need of the information. The practice of making money through demystifying information could be done by publishing on websites, blogging, email marketing, ebook publishing and so on. You can make millions from getting the right information across to the right audience. Infopreneurship entails making money from your knowledge and ideas of management and packaging of information. The ability to generate good information product ideas and actually coming up with packaged products are some of the easy ways to make money from information. It is a known fact that gathering, organising and disseminating information is a very viable business venture, especially in the world of today based on the availability of the internet. Many people have sat down in their comfort zones and complained of not getting a job while some others have made so much money from figuring out how to stay relevant and always make regular information available to people how need them. It doesn’t take more than having a computer and internet plan. Its high time the youth to stopped complaining about not having something doing, rather its time they made use of their brains and initiatives to create something useful and make money as other people benefit from it.