Hair styling business is one of the most lucrative businesses to invest in, not only in Nigeria but even in the whole world. In previous times, women were the only gender associated with the styling of hair business but recently, men have invaded the business as well. So many innovations and improvements have been encountered in this line of business. This business hardly runs out of service as women often patronize hairstylist and are always willing to spend as much as they can afford to look good.

Hairstyling can be started from almost anywhere as long as the environment is neat and conducive, the creation of awareness for what you do also brings in more people to the salon.

Steps involved in running a standard hair salon.

TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE: anyone can venture into the hairstyling business and earn a good living from it. It is however important to undergo adequate training and have good work exposure before starting up a business of your own. Take time to learn what the business demands and acquire customer relations and managerial skills necessary to establish on your own.
LOCATION: choose the busy and noticeable environment to establish in. Avoid locating around too many competitors. Make your outlet attractive and well designed to suit your type of business.

CAPITAL INVESTMENT: the modern day hairstyling business requires some capital for establishing even on a medium scale. Capital is needed for getting an outlet and acquiring equipment needed for running the business. Equipment necessary for the day to day running of this business includes: dryers, hair straightners, magazines, alternative power source and so on.
OTHER ALTERNATIVE INCOME SOURCES: there are other alternative income sources that can easily be tapped into by a hair stylist. The selling of hair products like hair relaxers, shampoos, conditioners, hair creams, weavons and attachments is a way of utilizing the work space and generating more profit.

ADVERTISEMENT: Showcasing your work on the tv, internets etc could also help improve your patronage and take you to the next level in your business.