Nigeria is a nation with massive agricultural potentials. This has given the opportunity for businesses like agricultural consultancy to thrive. People who have the capital to invest mostly lack the basic knowledge and intellect required to make the right choices and ways to invest. Agricultural consultants provide advice for farmers on the use of land and various management purposes for farmers. Do you have a degree in agricultural extension? Are you well trained in farm land management practices? Do you have the technical skills it takes to run a commercial farm land profitably? Agricultural consultancy is a business to consider. Being well trained and being well experienced is a basic requirement to start a business like this.
You do not need much capital to invest into a business like this. Having a good and strategic location is the way to go for a business like this. You need more of your skills and the ability to network and connect with people who require your services. A good consultant must have the following attributes.
Must be comfortable working both indoors and outdoors

Must possess excellent organization and communication skills
Must enjoy working and liaising with other agricultural professionals

Must be able to work independently or as part of a team

Must be able to oversee multiple projects simultaneously.
Must be interested in every aspect of agriculture.

Must be up to date and stay informed on every new development relating to agriculture.
Being an agricultural consultant can also give the opportunity to work far and wide, it is also a good medium to have a well established career and make money alongside.