How you dress they say determines how you will be addressed and how good you look often determines how confident you feel. Being fashionable is not only limited to how well you can combine colors and look attractive, it goes as far as how well you can engage yourself into styling and being a fashion expert and even making a living from it.
Steps to consider in establishing a thriving styling business

Creativity: Standing out in the crowd and setting trends is very important, accumulating different ideas from day to day regular business. Your creativity and individuality is your most valued strength.
Suitable market: Irrespective of how unique and creative you are, if you are not able to dispose your service into a suitable market as soon as possible, you might not be able to generate good profit in a reasonable time.

Be informed: Information generation is very crucial in the growth of any form of business. Being updated and knowing what is trendy and products in high demands at every point in time is the way to go. Satisfying your customers makes you market relevant all the time.
Good customer relations: As the popular saying goes, customers are always right, your customers are the most important component in your business. It is important to have a good customer relation and have a good feedback system.

Advertisement and good networking: Based on internet availability, the world has become a global village so it is important to showcase your products on the internet and make accessing them easy, it makes you relevant. This would surely help to increase your sales.
Styling business is good and viable, it gives you the opportunity to make a living doing what you love. Networking skills and good customer service is all you need to make your business thrive.