Maize is the most popular cereal crops in world. Million tonnes are harvested worldwide yearly and Nigeria is one of the countries that produces maize in high quantity yearly. Maize which is also known as corn is used for human consumption, feeding of livestock and also as fuel. Corn has been proven to be one of the most adaptable crops, it is viable in tropics and north temperate zones. Maize is the main cereal grain and considered the third staple food after rice and wheat. Its main constituent is carbohydrate but it is also high in vitamins and minerals. The high population and the wide acceptability of maize have made its processing a viable business for entrepreneurs. Maize are of different species and they can be processed into different consumable products depending on its intend use.
Below are some of the beneficial and marketable products from maize which can be focused on to generate income for farmers.

Maize flaking grits: These are the prime products from a full degerming system consisting of the largest pieces of broken maize endosperm free of husk and germ. They are used for the production of corn flakes and could also be used for direct cooking.
Maize Grits: they are fine milled maize with different granular size and fat content. They are useful for cooking, brewing etc. They are the equivalent of semolina from wheat.

Maize flour: finely milled maize with low fat. This is useful as a thickening agent and also useful in the production of confectioneries.
Maize bran: this is the outer layer of the maize which can be used in animal feed.

Maize germ: this is the part of the maize which is rich in oil. It can be processed for oil extraction.
Maize germ meal: sometimes, the germ and bran are mixed together for cooking.

Dried maize: used in the production of popcorn. It can also be fermented, milled into paste and used in cooking local dishes.
Baker’s cone: this is a finely granular product of maize, useful as dusting flour, cooking and snacks.

Maize is a crop that is easy to cultivate and which doesn’t take more than 5 months to mature. It has so many derivable products which can be useful in commercial quantity in food production. A business that involves corn as a raw material is profitable to consider.