Rice is the most consumed food in this part of the world. Most of the rice consumed in Nigeria are imported from other countries. Starting a rice farm is a rewarding venture to consider due to the large population and big market for rice. Rice unlike many other food crops doesn’t take longer than 4 months to germinate and be ready for harvest. Rice is a very high yield crop and it is straightforward to plant and maintain. The market for rice is very huge and fast regardless of its variety. Rice thrives best in swampy areas and needs proper farm management during growing season. Good fertilizers can also be applied to improve the quality of product. Rice farming is a considerable business for experienced farmers. Irrigation can be considered in areas with limited rainfall.
Tips on starting up a rice farm:

Land preparations: a good land with fertile soil in swampy areas is the types of soil considerable for rice farming purposes. Appropriate land preparations should be done and healthy seeds should be used when planting
Farm practices: weeding, application of fertilizers and other farm practices should be done in the course of the planting period so as to achieve optimum quality of harvest. After is mostly done four months after planting of rice.

Capital: apart from the acquisition of the farm land, the capital investment required starting up a rice farm is not too huge. Acquisition of seeds and preparation of irrigation system are mostly where the capital goes to. Buying of fertilizers and paying for labour could also be planned for.
Dehulling: this is a process that is required of any rice farmer. Dehulling is the removal of the outer shell of the rice. Dehulling can be done manually or by the use of machine.

Packaging and marketing: it is important to package your farm produce well if you are going to make it easy to transport and appealing to buy. Marketing is also important. This can be done by the various marketing mediums.

Rice is one of those food crops that will never be exhausted in the market. People consume rice at a very high rate. This type of farming, if done properly and with good market strategies. You are likely never to run out of business.