Poultry farming is one of the productive businesses to consider. It is lucrative and easy to venture into. It is considerable for small scale starters. Starting from somewhere and being able to groom the business to an excellent level is the right approach to it. One of the reasons you should consider poultry farming is its prospect for multiple stream income. There are several other ways you can make money from poultry business aside selling of the chickens.
Other Monetary Aspects Of Poultry Business.

Selling of live chicken (broilers): Live chicken sales is a profitable business especially during festive period. The demand gets so high that business owners make multiple profits. You can make good money from this aspect of poultry farming
Selling of eggs from layers: Lot of money can be made if you consider breeding layers of business. People consume eggs everyday and they are used for much other food processing enterprise, so you can never be short of customers.

Hatchery:   You can also make money by engaging in hatchery. This is a professional way of breeding chicken for hatching new chicks.
Trainings: Organising seminars and training programs for aspiring business owners in poultry farming is another way to make money.

Processing of chickens: Another monetary aspect of poultry is processing of chicken and packaging them for cold room and stores.
Selling of poultry feed: You could also make money from making and selling of poultry feed.

Consultancy: You could also make money by being a consultant for aspiring business owners and people who need information in your line of work.

As someone who is already in this line of  business or who is considering this type of venture, it is refreshing to know that you are not limited to just a means of making money. You have multiple means of making good money if you have the right insight and have proper ways of executing it.