Capital has held many people down on starting a business. Little do they know that money has never held anyone back, only the lack of will can. There are so many ventures that are flexible and easy to sustain even with little or no capital. Thinking of what you can do is the first approach to making yourself valuable.
Here are some businesses that requires majorly creativity and skills and little of capital.

Online retail consultant: So many online retail stores have come and made huge mark in a short time. Online retail stores cannot be exhausted. You can learn how to help people or companies establish their online store and become a consultant in the field. Your major concern would change from getting money to establish to marketing and networking.
Personal shopper: There are so many fashionable youths out there. Becoming a stylist and personal shopper is another business to consider. You rarely need money to start a business as such. It is mostly of opportunity to showcase your skills and how well you can network with people that need your services. There is opportunity to advance your craft and become a costume manager and other related crafts.

Recycling: This is another business that requires no capital to venture into. Many of the house hold trashes are filled with stuffs that can be recycled and make money from. Plastics could be reprocessed to polyester and many others like that. Supplying companies that need these products as their raw material is a business worth considering.
Online retail services: This may require a little capital, getting your website started and advertising might be the most important issue to address. You may not necessarily own all the products you would be retailing. Sourcing and identifying business owners with these products and partnering up with them for selling is a direction to consider. You could own the brand and they will own the products. This is a way to do business with as little capital as possible.

Catering: Other than creating awareness for your business, you might not need huge capital to start up a catering business, depending on the aspect you are deciding to focus own. Taking orders and executing contracts which is expected to have been catered for by the customer makes it easier to run a business like this.
Event planning: This is a business that is trendy and more popular lately. Many people need someone that can plan and manage their resources well when they have an occasion. Event planning mostly needs opportunity for you to showcase your talent and creativity in organising and executing. You do not need much capital to be an event planner. It is mostly your passion for organising and sophistication.

There are many opportunities out there that people fail to consider. It is not always about money. You could bring value to the table by having the right ideas and being able to network properly.